Polar bear has over 10 years of experience as the leading business setup service provider in Dubai and UAE. We believe that delivering outstanding client service is paramount and our entire business is organized to achieve this. Our people are highly motivated by a business culture that recognizes the skills of every individual, an environment where people are respected and supported. We work closely with our clients to develop a thorough understanding of their business in order to develop a relationship that is mutually rewarding and fulfilling

We believe that well-designed systems are a precursor to success. That’s why we invest the proper resources to infuse proactive planning, lessons learned, and sound methodology that makes the difference between success and failure. We founded this company on the principle that our information-intensive enterprise clients deserve to be assured they are not only achieving short term deliverables but are realizing a measurable return on their investment for the long-haul. So no matter how complex your mission, you can rely on our strategic commitment to achieve results with a trusted partner that cares.